Bat/Bar Mitzvah Prep

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Bat “daughter” – ┬áBar “son” – Mitzvah (of the) “Commandments”

The ceremony sybolizes that the young person is knowledgeable enough to begin to be held accountable for their Jewish responsibilities. As part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process children will learn how to lead many of service prayers as well as chanting several verses from the Toarh, and giving a D’var Torah (talk).

Students begin working with one of our Bat/Bar Mitzvah tutors at least one year out from their ceremony. Please contact Geri Copitch or Harvey Spector to make arrangements. There is a fee for their time and services.** You are welcome to tutor your child on your own, or make arrangements with someone else as long as the guidelines are followed and you keep in touch with the rabbi about your plans.

It is never too late for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. At TBI we have had two group B’nei Mitzvot with 6-8 adults. We even had a mother-daughter duo! All that is required is your desire to learn and one Jewish parent (or that you are a Jew by Choice.)

For a list of required prayers, as well as family obligations, please download and read the following.

Families must be members if they wish to have a Bat/Bar Mitzvah at TBI.

**For member families concerned about finances, rest assured that our tutors will try to work with your family budget to help ensure your child is well prepared for this rite of passage.