Tikkun (Social Action)

Tikkun Olam 

Our tikkun olam committee meets over the summer to review their budget and decide what organizations to support. They have developed a rubric to help them prioritize the many worthy causes and organizations in our area and elsewhere. 

The Tikkun Olam committee established the following pattern for allocation:


International: 70%


Local: 30%


In considering local organizations we tended to favor organizations that would give us “exposure” in the community, although this was not the only factor.  We do not consider charities promoting another religion.  In fact, the Jewish organizations do not tend to promote Judaism.  Under these guidelines we have allocated funds (not the same each year) for:


International: Mazon (food for the hungry in Israel), American Jewish World Service, Genocide No More; Save Darfur


Local: Crop Walk, Women’s Refuge, People of Progress, Shasta County Library, Redding Police (canine unit, bicycles for kids), 1st Five Shasta, 


In 2011 our primary focus was on American Jewish World Service (a favorite of Rabbi Jeremy) and scholarships, where needed, for Bnai Mitzvah students.  


We are always open to suggestions, but members should be aware that although we get matching funds from a generous member our funds are limited,. Please keep in mind that we will usually work within our guidelines.  


Suggestions can be made through my email: dart@frontiernet.net

to donate to the tikkun olam fund please go to the donate button found at both the top and bottom of this page!