About Us

We are Jews by birth, Jews by Choice, interfaith couples, and individuals who love what our Jewish community has to offer.

Anyone who desires to experience Jewish life and culture is welcome. We share a common desire to make Judaism a part of our lives in a way that is meaningful for each individual.

TBI is

  • A place where you can celebrate the major events in your life with a community ready to stand with you and support you as you face life’s challenges.
  • A place where you can celebrate Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.
  • A place of Jewish ideas, concepts, theology, and philosophy.
  • A place where your children can feel at home with words, songs, prayers, holidays and rituals that can add layers of Jewish meaning to their lives…and to yours 
  • A place where you feel the warmth of a Jewish community.


  • Established 1976
  • Affiliated with the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ).
  • Devoted to the enhancement of Jewish life.
  • Belief in cooperation and mutual support between all Jewish institutions
  • Hold strongly that all families are unique and of equal value to our community