Book Club

The TBI book club meets bi-monthly at the Hamon’s home. Join us for thought provoking, often lively, conversations. The books we read are varied- from fiction to poetry, but all revolve around a Jewish theme. Books are chosen by the group over the summer.

You don’t need to be a Talmudic scholar to participate (in fact if you are, we’d probably find it a bit intimidating!) All are welcome.

Books We’re reading in 2018-19 Under Construction


Book Title
Location of gathering
Jan 21

Rifka Rosenwein

 Home of Carl & Martha Hamon
Mar 18 C

Ernest Wertheim

Home of Carl & Martha Hamon
 May 20  P
Pearl Buck / F. Wander
Home of Carl & Martha Hamon
 July 15 T

by Abraham Joshua Heschel / Wieseltier

Home of Carl & Martha Hamon
Aug 5 Planning Meeting for next year  Home of Carl & Martha Hamon
Sept 16 L


Home of Carl & Martha Hamon