Rates & Benefits

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You shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose heart is so moved.
– Exodus 25:2

We hope that you, like us, find value in maintaining a Jewish presence in Shasta County. For that, we depend on dues paying members. A number of years ago, we decided to do away with a prescribed rate schedule.

Your Membership is a gift from the heart

— We need your gifts to keep the heart of our congregation pumping.

— We are providing members with a “sustaining pledge” amount. We do not expect that all members will donate that amount; many will donate less, and many will be needed to donate more. The sustaining pledge amount is provided to assist members in understanding the overall finances of the congregation and how the total expenditures would average if spread evenly among all member households. There is no need to explain or justify your level of commitment to anyone.

— How is the Sustaining Pledge calculated?

The Sustaining Pledge amount is the total membership revenue needed to meet our annual budgeted expenses if divided evenly across all member households. We believe that sharing this amount is a gateway to strengthening our community and creating a covenant of success. The Sustaining Pledge amount for the fiscal year 2023-24 is $1,300

— What other guidance can you give on how much I should pledge?

We trust that our members:

• will take the time to understand the congregation’s financial needs

• know their own capacity to give

• will make a gift from the heart that takes into account both the needs of the Temple Beth Israel community and their individual circumstances

• will fill out an annual pledge form so we can budget without guesswork, even if you already have a preset, recurring payment in place

Benefits of Becoming a Dues Paying Member:

  • Eligible to sit on the Board of Directors
  • Vote in General Elections
  • Free use of facilities for Life Cycle events
  • Knowledge that you are contributing to the continued presence of a Jewish home here in Shasta County

We understand that finances vary household to household. Only you can determine what you can afford, all we ask is that you give a gift from your heart.

Download a Dues Pledge Form