How often do you have services?

We have services usually one weekend a month, August through May. We try to schedule these as close to the various holidays as possible.
We occasionally have lay-lead services at other times. 

What is appropriate attire for services?

We ask that you wear “casual dressy” – not too fancy, but nicer than cutoffs. However, other than the High Holy Days and Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, it isn’t necessary to wear your nicest dressy clothes. In other words, don’t show up looking like a shlub!
We have kippot and tallit available for those who would like to wear them. Neither is required, but we do strongly encourage those who come up for Torah honors to wear a tallis.

How long is a typical service?

Friday night services typically last about an hour and a bit and are followed by a ‘potluck’ Oneg. An oneg is a light nosh – (often desserty in nature) – that follows a service, to continue the festivity, be it Shabbat or a holiday celebration.

Saturday services when we don’t have a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, tend to last about an hour and a half. This is then followed by a Torah text study. Everyone is encouraged to participate, but you are welcome to just come and listen!

When we do have a B’nei Mitzvah the service typically lasts about two hours.

Who is TBI’s Rabbi?

We are served by dynamic student rabbis from the Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. These student rabbis typically lead us for two years, after which we must sadly see them go and we welcome a new student! Our current rabbi is Samantha Thal.

What if I need a rabbi when the student rabbi isn’t in town?

We have several lay leaders who can often assist you with life cycle events and end of life counseling. These community members have many years of experience in this area. Please call the TBI main number for more information. (530) 243-5726.
Occasionally special arrangements can be made to bring the student rabbi up at other times. These depend on the student rabbi’s school commitments.

Is there a fee for bringing up a student rabbi outside of their regular monthly visits?

As these fall outside our contract with the Hebrew Union College, the burden to pay for the rabbi’s travel expenses: airfare, hotel, car & meals, and an honorarium for their time, would fall to you.

How many members does TBI  have?

We currently have 35 member households.

What do I get for my membership dues?

Our Rabbi, TBI Board, and members will be there to support you through life’s challenges and joys. You have access to the synagogue facilities for Life Cycle Events as part of your membership. As a dues paying member you can vote at all General Meetings and serve on the Board. You will also be supporting our synagogue and the great programs we offer. Our members find they get back much more than they pay for. 

How do I join TBI ?

You can download the membership and dues pledge forms and mail them in.

What if I can’t afford membership dues?

Our dues are based on 2% of your income – via the honor system. However only you can determine what you can afford. If this is a burden, you can pledge less and still receive full membership. No one will be turned away due to their inability to pay.