Bet Sefer Sunday School

Bet Sefer

Bet Sefer literally means: House of the Book

Our Bet Sefer is a place where children K-7th grade learn about Jewish traditions, customs, and holidays, as well as learning to read Hebrew. It is also a place for Jewish children in our less than cosmopolitan area to be with other Jewish children.

Our current school enrollment is very small, which means that we are planning to gather at the Temple to engage in an online course put out by the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) especially for very small schools. Why gather together? It can be lonely and isolating being a Jewish child in our area. By getting to gather kids know that there are others who share their traditions and heritage.

Children can start at any age, but it is ideal if they start by 2nd or 3rd grade. 


Members – FREE

Non-Members – A donation is requested. Please speak to our Education Director for guidance.