Interfaith outreach

Presenting a Jewish Face in the Interfaith Community

 Shasta County Interfaith Forum:

TBI has been represented on SCIF for many years. It has only one agenda; to provide a place for dialogue among representatives of numerous faiths in the Redding area. SCIF’s Facebook page is ShastaInterfaith


Garden of Healing:

In 1999 after long time Redding area residents, the Williams brothers, were implicated in three synagogue arsons in Garden of healingSacremento, the Redding Interfaith community came together to show support for our Jewish presence in Shasta county. As a community we planted a Garden of Healing. Their support is symbolized by this marker donated by the Quakers.


History of World Religions:

Periodically, a TBI member lectures on Judaism at the History of World Religions class at Shasta College. It’s a welcomed opportunity to present Judaism in a light that is often missed in the Christian world. Our session focuses on the contrasts between Jewish practices and Christian practices. Students from the class often come visit services at TBI as part of their studies.