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Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jerusalem Post

  1. Israelis find government's Gaza policy not forceful enough, poll finds

    Nearly 60% of Jewish Israelis said they “think” or “are sure” that Israel should not provide relief measures to improve the lives of the Gaza residents.
  2. Turkey's Erdogan says signs show Khashoggi killing was planned

    The Turkish president, in a speech in front of parliament, outlined the timeline of the journalist's murder and called for the trial to be held in Turkey.
  3. Human Rights Watch issues special report about PA, Hamas torture

    HRW said that while the authorities regularly receive citizen complaints and have systems to investigate them, only a minority have resulted in a finding of wrongdoing.
  4. Herzog: Israel and Diaspora divide is existential threat

    JA chairman likens Israel-Diaspora divide to Jerusalem and Babylon, calls for gov't to advance Hebrew language education in Diaspora and vows to establish avenues of dialogue to bridge the divides.
  5. Israeli-American start-up hoping to revolutionize recruitment raises $3.5m

    Start-up targeting recruitment industry initially focusing on $2 billion engineering market in the United States.